Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day 2009: Plant a Seed

A fun way to celebrate Earth Day is to do something simple: Plant a Seed.

We may not always realize that much of the food that we eat also comes complete with magical little packages that contain all the necessary information to create new life. Any day is a great day to grow a little garden and what better way then to begin with the seeds that are already in your home? Today I decided to plant some of the sweet peas I bought at the Farmer's Market on Saturday. I rummaged through my recycle bin and drawers and found all kinds of wonderful things that I could potentially plant my peas in such as an old paper coffee cup, an egg carton and a second-hand ceramic bowl. I was feeling creative so I settled on an aluminum can that I could decorate with photos from catalogues and magazines. As I was working on creating the perfect little pot for my perfect little peas I began to think about what I would like to grow in my life. Financial Prosperity! Abundance! And the seeds were sown.

Setting a positive loving intention is one of the most beautiful seeds you can plant for a vibrant and enriching life. Just like a seed needs a nurturing environment and certain elements to grow into a seedling, a small plant, then a tree that bears fruit, we also need nurturing to blossom to our full potential. Today I nurtured a seed, a positive intention, to attract financial prosperity. I didn't focus on what I didn't have or what I shouldn't do. We want to avoid negative intentions, such as ‘I will not eat sugar,’ but instead, “I intend a healthy and nurtured body.” In this way we are affirming a positive existence, not cultivating a sense of guilt or inadequacy. The universe is bountiful and generous! Using positive language is important in setting any intention and reinforcing the intention daily adds strength.

I put a little reminder on my pot, a heart with a symbolic message of prosperity. Every time I water my peas I will reaffirm my intention with joy, trust and patience, "I am loving the abundance in my life! I am attracting abundance!" I trust that someday soon I will watch the seeds sprout and grow into mature plants that bear more fruit with more seeds. [Of course I will keep you updated on the peas and the manifestation of the intention!]

As we reflect on the planet Earth today, let us also reflect on how each and every one of us is a seed that has all the necessary knowledge and wisdom to create a beautiful colorful and vibrant life for ourselves. Begin to ask yourself, what would I like to grow in my life? A more fulfilling career? A new loving relationship? How will I nurture my seeds of intention? How will I feed my soul? When I walk out the door today or tomorrow, into this world full of opportunity, what seeds will I plant? Let us all begin to cultivate love, compassion and intention with each and every seed and watch them grow!

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