Monday, June 1, 2009

Farm to Table Cooking Class, March 2009

This Spring's Farm to Table Cooking Class was a sweet success! Last week we took advantage of this season's freshest and most delicious produce: green and purple asparagus, sweet peas, shiitake mushrooms, spring garlic and early peaches. For almost three hours we chopped, puréed, blanched, skinned, stirred, kneaded, blended and sautéed our way through the recipes and, in the end, we were greatly rewarded with a fine meal fit for a king (with enough food left over to feed all the king's men). Here is a glimpse of what we prepared. Click on the photo above for a better view!

Asparagus Purée
Asparagus and Shiitake Risotto
Crostini with Sweet Pea Pesto
Baby Spinach and Peach Salad with Fromage Blanc and Hazelnuts
Peach and Almond Tart

The goal of this class was not only to learn how to prepare a variety of delicious (and healthy) dishes, but also to build awareness around the importance of eating local, seasonal produce. This good practice affects not only our own personal good health, but the health of the community and the planet.

Benefits of Eating Local:
· Eating local means more for the local economy and local farmers.
· Locally grown produce is fresher.
· Local food just tastes better.
· Locally grown produce has longer to ripen.
· It’s better for air quality and pollution.
· Local food keeps us in touch with the seasons.
· Eating local reduces potentially harmful contamination.
· Local food translates to more variety.
· Supporting local providers supports responsible land development.

Local organizations that support a sustainable food system:

Center for Urban Education and
Sustainable Agriculture

Find the best local food near you

Local CSA / Organic Delivery

San Francisco League of Urban Gardeners

Slow Food Nation

Edible Schoolyard

San Francisco Locavores

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